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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Compliance Headhunters

We are contacted by headhunters because we know a lot of compliance officers and we know whether they are available. However, it is extremely difficult to help these folks as they often have no idea what a compliance officer does. They are generally working from a job description written by someone in HR who also has little idea what a compliance officer does. The essence of the job of a compliance officer is the ability to influence others to do the right thing. This does not translate into a certain college degree or work history. When describing a compliance position to a headhunter, don’t forget to include BEHAVIORAL requirements and expectations. This will save the headhunter and job candidates a lot of time


  • It is also important to be careful in hiring that the candidate
    is a "values match" for your organization as a whole, but also for the approach your organization has in mind for its compliance function.

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