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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Anatomy of Evil - Fun

Every once in while I read a book that sticks with me. It can be anything. One book I enjoyed immensely is The Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille, the purest anatomy of delicious evil in my recollection. DeMille is not a writer of "great literature." He writes for people and not professors. The central character is a very straight, very upright tax attorney who personifies the compliance officer. Both he and his Brahmin wife are swayed off their moral centers by a lovable, persuasive mafia capo. DeMille has a sharp sense of ethics and corruption. His old book, Word of Honor, is a terrific read and quite moving. It teaches so much about young people used to wage war. It too has the power to change your thinking. I could teach everything I know about ethics and compliance from these two books and it would be a lot more interesting and effective than teaching the code of conduct!

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